Museum of Resumes

Here you'll find a collection of snapshots of my old resumes, my thoughts on them, and why I changed certain things. I sometimes try weird stuff on them, but I've found employers to be very lenient about it, and at least they stand out. Let's laugh at how bad they are together.

August 2012 - Waterloo 2A

PDF file
  • Made with html/css and Chrome's print to pdf function.
  • My first resume ever.
  • Led to my first ever job working at Willet!
  • I thought making my resume look like code would make it stand out. I guess it worked?
  • I like that right from the get-go I thought that having a way for employers to find out more about your projects was important. I should have linked to them directly though.

April 2013 - Waterloo 2B

PDF file
  • Made with LaTeX.
  • Led to my job at A Thinking Ape!
  • After making my previous resume I really hated having it go onto two pages so I really cut my resume down to just the important stuff.
  • That revealed that I actually have a lack of important content to put on it (which is why there's so much empty space).
  • Projects are now linked to directly.
  • Links lack a distinct style to visually identify them, which is a no-no.

December 2014 - Waterloo 3B

PDF file
  • Made with html/css and Chrome's print to pdf function.
  • Led to my job at Remind!
  • I got the idea in my head that I should minimize time from opening my resume to seeing my projects in action, so I added inline images.
  • The inline images are a bit overboard though. If it's ever printed in black and white it would look like garbage.
  • Links have a distinct style, but if it's ever printed you wouldn't know what they link to.
  • Experimented with using different fonts, but I only used one font and it doesn't work well for the smaller text.

December 2015 - Waterloo 4A

PDF file
  • Made with html/css and Chrome's print to pdf function.
  • The biggest change here is that I updated it to include Remind, and reduced the file size from 3.2MB to 157KB

April 2016 - Waterloo 4B

PDF file
  • Made with html/css and wkhtmltopdf.
  • I was (correctly) talked out of having inline images in a resume during a resume critique.
  • Realized some people might print this out so links should be written in full.
  • Included youtube links because seeing a game in motion is more convincing than seeing a screenshot.
  • Experimented with removing the skills section entirely and just listing the skills I used beside each job and project.
  • Experimented with bubble letters to make my resume feel lighter, but it allowed the smaller text to overpower the titles too much.
  • I experimented with different ways of seperating sections. But I feel like having a full border stands out too much.

December 2016 - Waterloo 5A

PDF file
  • Made with html/css and wkhtmltopdf.
  • Switched back to solid lettering
  • Used a second font for the smaller text, which looks soooo much better now.
  • Added more room between the two columns and left-aligned the right column. They don't look like they run into each other anymore.
  • Added svg icons for the info lines on the right, which makes a very solid visual line separating the columns.
  • Experimented with separating sections with horizontal red lines and subsections with grey lines.

April 2017 - Waterloo 5B

PDF file
  • Made with html/css and wkhtmltopdf.
  • Updated with my new graduation date.


Direct linkPDF file
  • Made with html/css and electron-pdf.
  • Using electron-pdf and pdftk, the pdf is actually letter sized.
  • Moved extra info column to fit under job titles.
  • Replaced job titles with the company logo.
  • Removed my phone number.