Apr. 8-10 2014
Java and LibGDX

ATA Hackathon Game


A 2D multiplayer platformer deathmatch game with wall-jumping, dashing, and the ability to surround yourself with a 'null sphere' that lets you temporarily phase through walls. Created for a 48-hour hackathon while working for my previous employer A Thinking Ape with a team of 2 other engineers on co-op there (Matt Hyndman, and Geoff Gollmer), as well as two full-time artists (Joel Furtado, and Jennifer Duong).

My Contributions

My main responsibilities on the team was collision, including wall jumping, level wrapping, and the null spheres, and some visual effects like the desaturation effect for the null spheres, and (after the hackathon) adding a heat distortion effect on players bullets.

You can see the full list of my contributions on GitHub here.